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They call me "Druids"

I am Murphy, a Product Designer with experience designing B2B2C products using Design and Systems thinking.

UX Strategist

My day-to-day involves giving direction on UX strategy, information modelling and interaction design as well as being hands on when it comes to running quantitative and qualitative research with usability testing, interviews and field studies.

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I bring eccentricity to the forefront with every project. I always take the time to do the research and craft visually appealing user interface and interactive prototypes to create better experiences that deliver on user needs and business objectives.

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No-Code Developer

When i'm not designing, i'm building websites that look and feel like Magic in Webflow and Wordpress.

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Druids Academy needed to improve their presence in the design industry. And considering the roots of the academy reached back to Nigeria, soon the experience Company was, well, born. As part of the bold rebrand, a strong online presence was needed.

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This Brand was looking to change it up and have a dynamic app that focused on design and usability. They were looking to help people find the houses they wanted easily. And, in doing so, the Brand found some strong results.

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BoundlessPay is more than a service provider. They are a blockchain company who needed a clear and concise way to provide financial services focused on usability.

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