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Usifo Murphy 2020

Product Designer and Amala Advocate

I am Murphy, a Product Designer with experience designing and managing innovative products using Design and Systems thinking.

UX Strategist

My day-to-day involves giving direction on UX strategy, information modelling and interaction design as well as being hands on when it comes to running quantitative and qualitative research with usability testing, interviews and field studies.

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I bring eccentricity to the forefront with every project. I always take the time to do the research and craft visually appealing user interface and interactive prototypes to create better experiences that deliver on user needs and business objectives.

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No-Code Developer

When i'm not designing or swallowing Amala/Pounded yam, i'm building responsive interactive websites that look and feel like Magic in Webflow.

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Reduce dApp Development Time by 70% using Design Systems

The Web 3.0 Community needs to develop a set of common UX standards and best practices to help onboard more people onto decentralied Apps. Using design systems, teams can quickly build products that humans will use.

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Designing a Better Onboarding Experience to reduce User Drop-Off

User testing and Customer interviews have confirmed that poorly design onboarding UX can contribute to 65% dropout rate: people signing up to solve a problem, but being dumped into a service and left to work it out for themselves. When they couldn’t work it out, they would leave and never come back.

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Building Interactive Web 3.0 Experiences to Increase User Engagement and Retention

Achieving sufficient dApp engagement and user retention rates is a difficult task. In fact, user abandonment (dApps used only once and then abandoned) accounts for 43% of users. Although there has been a slight improvement in user abandonment rates since 2018, almost a quarter of users still desert decentralized applications almost immediately.

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